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Quzhou Zhongdu Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Piston Air Compressor,Screw Air Compressor,Drill Rig,Jack Hammer,Drill Parts,...

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Quzhou Zhongdu Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd is <span class="tgt">industry
and trade company</span> which<span class="tgt"> </span><span class="apple-converted-space"> </span>modern enterprise integrating scientific research,
development, manufacture and trading<span class="tgt">.</span> <span class="tgt">Based on integrity, responsibility and cooperation.</span>
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<span class="tgt">Our company have
professional R&amp;D and sales team, providing one-stop service for customers.Our
company mainly products are </span>screw Air Compressor , Piston Air Compressor,Drill Machine, Drill Rig Parts ,Jack Hammer , Boring Machine, Tunnel Shotcreting Machine and Other Machinery Hardware Product <span class="tgt">etc.</span>After<span class="tgthighlight"> many years of
production and research and development, we have obtained more than 20 national
patents. The products are sold at home an... [Details]